Success Stories

  • - Cameron B
    This product is easy to navigate and looks really nice too. I couldn't imagine another product that would outperform the user experience of Blueboxhive. The support team behind the product is awesome too!
  • - Stephen J
    I like the pricing and the support received. I like the fact that they have added top OTA's!
  • - Kellie P
    I really like how it takes information from many different sites and brings all information to me! I don't have to go to many sites to track.
  • - Darlene G
    I recommend this solution to some of my clients which are hotels. I thinks it´s a great tool for the hotels to increase their revenue.
  • - Kristi G
    Blueboxhive aggregates competitors hotel prices from many of the most popular sources into one view. Best tool for most of hotels.
  • - Brandie E
    Simple and easy to use platform. Great to scale for any size business (Hotels).

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